TSYS in Asia-Pacific

"We believe that by staying competitive and offering our clients a wider product offering together with excellent customer service, we can continue to build a secure future for both the bank and our clients — a vision supported and enabled through our harmonious partnership with TSYS and their proven ability to deliver an extremely versatile, future-proof system with great success."

— B Madhivanan, Business Head, Head of Credit Cards, ICICI Bank

TSYS® has developed an established footprint in the Asia-Pacific region, servicing leading banks across China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

We are fully committed to supporting People-Centered Payments® across our regional client base.

In China, we have a joint venture with China UnionPay, where CUP Data processes for more than 180 clients from its headquarters in Shanghai.

We have three offices in India, another in Malaysia and a managed service facility in the Philippines. We have a 20-year track record of supporting some of the region's highest-ranked banks.

Our payment tools support some of the most recognised and respected financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific marketplace by providing smart solutions, big ideas and new capabilities through:

  • Single-platform payment processing solutions that support issuing and multi-channel acquiring
  • Seamless integration for card issuing, merchant acquiring, online authorisation and switching to include everything from the management of ATMs, fraud and risk to rewards, installments, collections, disputes and chargebacks — coupled with a variety of intelligent value-added services, covering areas such as behavioral analytics and active decisionning
  • Multi-payment scheme, multi-country, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-institutional payment processing;
  • Multi-product support for charge, credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, Islamic, commercial, private-label, virtual, contactless, mobile and EMV among others; and
  • In-market support backed by more than 10,000 team members worldwide.

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