TSYS in Africa

"In seeking to further our growing success in this market, Paynet targets only the best technologies available. In PRIME 4 we have found a solution that will meet our multi-institutional needs, and we know TSYS is a partner we can rely on to continue to provide us with first class operational support.”

─ Bernard Matthewman, chief executive officer of Paynet

Since establishing roots in Africa in the early 1990s, TSYS® has touched countless lives by conducting safe and secure electronic transactions with a focus on trust and convenience.

We support some of the leading banks and processors in Africa with:

  • A single-platform payment solution for issuing and acquiring
  • Seamless integration for card issuing, multi-channel acquiring, authorization and switching to include everything from ATM management, real-time fraud and risk to rewards, disputes and chargebacks — coupled with a variety of intelligent value-added services, covering areas such as behavioral analytics and active decisioning
  • Support for multi-payment scheme, multi-country, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-institutions
  • Multi-product support for charge, credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, Islamic, commercial, private-label, EMV and contactless cards, among others
  • A tailored offering to meet local regulatory requirements
  • In-region support backed by approximately 10,000 team members worldwide

Our payment tools support some of the most recognized and respected financial institutions in the African marketplace with smarter solutions, big ideas and new capabilities.

Contact us to learn more about our payments solutions in Africa.

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