Documentation & Training

Knowledge and understanding. Having the right information at the right time.  Those are vital parts of the TSYS® relationship. 

From account setup to authorizations, settlement to statements, reissue to rewards, TSYS makes sure our clients have access to a full suite of training and documentation resources. 

Training begins early, long before your first transactions flow through TSYS systems. You’ll learn the basics of the TSYS solutions you’ll use, with more advanced training scheduled at just the right times. 

System refreshers or training on new functionality is available when you need it — through online tutorials, by webinar or from TSYS trainers.

TSYS product information is housed on an easy-to-use, secure website that’s updated with every code release. The site holds a library of manuals that include the technical detail but are written in language the non-technical among us can grasp easily. 

With TSYS product information resources, you’ll find the field-level explanations you’d expect. But you’ll also find a wealth of consultative guidance, and our team is available to help research questions or to address information needs. 

We believe that a thorough understanding of our systems is a vital part of your success. At TSYS, we take information and training seriously because we know you do.


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