Customer Contact Center

TSYS® provides global business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions for both issuers and acquirers. Our approach allows clients to outsource any or all portions of their contact center needs, with full customization to help grow and boost performance.    

Through our expert training, our customer service representatives become subject-matter experts in TSYS issuing and acquiring solutions. In addition, our worldwide call centers are scalable and affordable, with onshore and offshore customer service options that build customer loyalty and require less in human resource allocation.

Our global call center team members successfully manage a broad range of financial functions for a wide variety of client portfolios. This enables us to offer a complete menu of financial services for commercial, consumer, private label, online banking and retail banking accounts.

Our outsourcing solutions include:

  • Customer inquiry and portfolio maintenance
  • Lost/stolen cards
  • Online banking solutions help desk support
  • Interactive voice response
  • Fraud strategy, fraud detection and investigation
  • 24/7 risk call center support
  • Early and late stage debt collection
  • Disputes and chargebacks
  • Back-office support, including application entry, imaging, portfolio balancing and settlement services, redemption and fulfillment services, and correspondence
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and lexicon analytics
  • After-hours support

To learn more about our Issuing contact center solutions, contact us at

For merchant terminal support, call +1.800.552.8227.