Analytics & Business Intelligence

All the data in the world can’t help you – until you can put it into action. Unlock the power of your data and identify and execute business strategies that deliver growth. 

TSYS® helps an organization reach business objectives through:

  • Informing management by providing the right information at the right time and in a consumable format (dashboard)
  • Operating more efficiently by providing the ability to interact with data, create and test strategies and visualizations (strategies)
  • Growing portfolio profitability by automatically executing those strategies, incenting customer action, or reducing costs (action)

Our single-point business intelligence suite can be used by:

  • Executives needing a fast, simple and reliable graphical view of analytics data to monitor business performance
  • Marketing and loyalty managers who need to incent consumer action or need a centralized rewards data center to easily monitor rewards program performance for cost/benefit analysis and economic trending
  • Business leaders and P&L owners interested in interrogating product billing, transaction, general ledger and operational systems data to precisely calculate account-specific profitability 

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