Account Management and Servicing

Customers expect immediate access to account information, along with account management capabilities, whether using a PC while at home or mobile device while standing in line for coffee. TSYS® has account servicing solution that provides immediacy, accuracy and functionality due to our continued investment in industry-leading communications technology, user interface and user experience design, and back-end processing. The result is an effortless ─ and cost-effective ─ customer experience.

Account Self-Servicing

Intuitive user interfaces enable account holders to easily access and manage accounts across a variety of channels, in addition to initiating risk management features such as alerts and temporarily “deactivating” a card account.

Business Servicing

Provide commercial customers the ability to manage card programs of any size and account holders a robust tool for tracking and reporting purchases. Additionally, help commercial customers grow their portfolios by enabling secure business-to-business (B2B) electronic payments, reducing risk and expanding card acceptance among suppliers.

Contact Center Servicing

Deliver call center representatives the insight needed to answer any account holder’s inquiry and ability to quickly conduct account maintenance.

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