Innovation at TSYS

The pace of change is unprecedented in the payments industry. And at TSYS®, one of our biggest priorities is to be an enabler of this remarkable progress and innovation.

Innovation is not a result of a committee or even one individual – we believe innovation is up to all of us, and very much a collaborative process. By working with our clients, industry startups, vendors and other colleagues, we can anticipate market shifts and how to capitalize on them.

Our Open Innovation Lab initiative and dedicated Innovation team are direct reflections of this approach. We work with clients and emerging industry players to play a part in major shifts, such as proximity payments, digital authentication and artificial intelligence for business travelers. We are focused on improved customer experiences, the intelligent use of data and looking outside our industry for inspiration. Commerce can take many forms, and we believe delivery is just as important as ideation.

By putting people at the center of payments, and encouraging them to think openly and creatively, we hope to spark inspiration and spread the spirit of innovation. Because when ideas become innovative solutions, we all grow.

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