The heart and soul of TSYS® (Total Systems Services, Inc.®) lies within our people and their stories. Stories that shaped our past and make us who we are today. Stories we are not necessarily required to share — but want to. Stories we hope never fade away.

From our earliest beginnings, in 1888, when the manager of a cotton mill in Columbus, Ga., learned that one of his young workers had no safe place to store her money, which served as the catalyst to form one of the first banks in the area, to 2013, when we acquired a company whose mission centers on empowering consumers with the convenience, security and freedom to be self-banked, TSYS has always pledged to do the right thing for people and put their needs first. These principles and values remain a strong part of our culture today and reflect our commitment to People-Centered Payments®.

Read more about TSYS as The Action Behind the Transaction® and the milestones that have shaped our strategies, vision and goals along the way. These elements were vital to the past growth of our company and serve as the foundation for our strong future trajectory.

The future holds great promise for TSYS, as we continue to reinvent ourselves, push forward and create the next generation of technology that allows for innovation in new products with new partners. We will continue to grow our unmatched culture, in which every team member strives to delight our customers and enhance their experiences, because we believe payments should revolve around people, not the other way aroundSM.