At TSYS, "We Are Family"

Making adoption easier for team members and their loved ones

As a company centered around people, the leaders at TSYS® continue to say, "We are family," to their team members. And they back that statement up with funding for quality-of-life initiatives like the Adoption Assistance Program.

"The financial burden involved with adoption can be significant. That's why TSYS offers a program that reimburses team members $5,000 for each adoption and $6,000 for special needs adoptions. These funds have assisted adopting families with everything from legal fees and medical expenses to adoption agency fees and immigration costs.

"Adopting a child is such a major life event for our team members and if we can help in any way, we want to," said Annie Alexander, TSYS Human Resources.


Changing team member lives

Colorado team member Brian Germann and his wife Melissa had no idea how much their lives would change on May 20, 2008 ─ the day their adopted son Graydon was born. "It changed my life. It changed everything," Brian said.

He also had no idea how much TSYS would help his new family through the adoption process and beyond. "The financial burden you take on in an adoption is massive," he said. "But even bigger than the financial support you get from TSYS is just the support in general."

His TSYS leadership supported him repeatedly with schedule accommodations due to adoption-related appointments and even relocated him and his family to provide a better health situation for their son.

"What can you say about a company that invests in its employees like this?" Brian asked. "TSYS is just awesome."

Omaha team members Karen Cooper and Joe Morrow said, "It's a boy … and girl!" on Oct. 28, 2013, when they welcomed Clara and Cooper into their family.

Karen has known for a while that adoption would be part of their lives. She just didn't anticipate how much adoption would change them. "You open up your family and life to other people and experiences you wouldn't know otherwise," she said. "We've been given the opportunity to grow personally and develop an even greater propensity to love."

And TSYS' role in their new adventure? "It's more than financial," she said. "TSYS allows us to make family a priority."

The cost of adoption can often discourage families from pursuing it. "Adoption is an expensive proposition, easily reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars," said Mark Hamner, Kentucky team member. "This program allowed us to experience the many blessings of adoption without going into debt, which is awesome."

"We've been given the opportunity to grow personally and develop an even greater propensity to love." Karen Cooper

Mark and his wife Kristen, a former TSYS team member, have adopted three children – Bailey, 6, and Chase and Jack, 7-month-old twins.

"Adoption has allowed us to build a family," he said. "Our kids have changed our perspective on things."

Columbus team member Dana Eiland adopted her daughter, Reagan Dalanie, in March 2014. While so many team members have stories of adoption from birth or other positive situations, Reagan's situation was dire when Dana discovered her.

"Reagan came from a neglect situation," she said. "But that has all changed now."

Dana, her husband and two teenage sons are determined to shower their newest family member with enough love and care to overcome the tough start she had in life. "She fits so well with our family and her development has just skyrocketed. It's just amazing." she said.

Dana credits the TSYS Adoption Assistance Program with making her adoption process much easier. "It's great to work for a company that offers this type of program. TSYS goes above and beyond to help team members, and it really makes a difference," she said.


Recognized among the best

Those who have benefitted from the program are well-aware of the significance of the company's contribution to their adoption journeys, but recognition from independent organizations tells a larger story of the importance of family-based programs.

TSYS was recognized yet again in 2013 for their Adoption Assistance Program by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The organization, founded by the man behind the Wendy's fast food franchise, annually recognizes the top 100 Adoption-Friendly Workplaces in the country, honoring the companies with the best adoption benefits available to their employees.

And while winning awards and recognition is always welcome, TSYS leaders are more concerned about knowing they've made a difference to their TSYS family; team members like Karen Cooper and Joe Morrow.

"Joe and I will always say that both our children are powered by TSYS," Karen said. "It's fantastic to work for a company that values families as much as business."


Adoption Quick Facts

  • 7 million adult adoptees in the U.S.
  • 1.5 million child adoptees in the U.S.
  • Approximately 140,000 children are adopted each year in the U.S.
  • There are nearly half a million children in the U.S. foster care system
  • China is the leading partner with U.S. families in international adoption
Source: U.S. Census Bureau data reported by