The True Meaning of Service

TSYS supports those who serve

TSYS® is no stranger to the concept of service. From the commitment to exceeding the expectations of clients, to devotion to their communities and support for their team members, service is at the very heart of the company.

It's no surprise then that TSYS was recently recognized for support for those who embody selfless service at its essence – TSYS team members who are also military service members and veterans.


Department of Defense recognition

In a recent ceremony, TSYS received the Pro Patria Award from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, an office within the Department of Defense that promotes cooperation between Reserve Component service members and their civilian employers.

The ESGR presents the Pro Patria Award, its highest state-level award, to employers that establish practices and personnel policies that support employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. More than 845 employers were nominated this year ─ TSYS is one of just two companies honored in Georgia.

This level of recognition makes it clear that TSYS' support for those currently serving and veterans alike has been outstanding, said Maj. Gen. Donald C. Ralph, mobilization assistant to the commander, U.S. Air Forces Europe; U.S. Air Forces Africa, commander Air Component Command, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. He said the goal for success in working with veterans and employers is to always keep balance ─ like a stool with three legs representing family, mission and employers.

"It's in the balance of everybody supporting one another that you get the synergy … and that's what's so important," he said.

Support for veterans and National Guard and Reserve members can take many forms. From the basics of ensuring employment for service members after their time away and ensuring they receive the proper training for their positions upon return, to providing assistance for the team members' families during a deployment, TSYS' support for those who serve was praised during the ceremony.

Jim McGarrah, retired Navy rear admiral and chair of the Georgia ESGR, said the Pro Patria was awarded to TSYS for "doing the right thing."

"Obviously (TSYS) has given a lot of support to be recognized at this level," he said.

Capt. Ron Tyler, team member and U.S. Army reservist, and Rick Machold, TSYS' chief audit executive, accepted the award for TSYS.

Rick explained how an award like this reflects TSYS' People-Centered philosophy.

"TSYS cares about the individual and genuinely has a heart for people," he said. "This award is just one manifestation of that in terms of supporting our service men and women from the heart of the company."


The fabric of TSYS

It's no secret that TSYS' team members are the key to the company's success. Each team member brings his or her own set of experiences, talents and ideals, ultimately creating a tapestry of knowledge and expertise that gives the company an edge over the competition.

That means that each hiring decision is crucial. Jim believes that hiring veterans and those who currently serve in the Reserve and Guard is a big win for companies like TSYS.

"They come with a maturity level, an experience level, a teamwork orientation that typically benefit companies significantly," he said.

TSYS agrees. And adding quality team members to the family does often include hiring veterans, reservists and members of the Guard. TSYS is also a member of the "100,000 Jobs Mission," an organization devoted to promoting the hiring of veterans. As a member, TSYS reports hiring statistics, shares best practices and continues to hire veterans.

"I see a lot of similarities between the military community and TSYS," said Rudesheim. "The support and care for service members and families, and commitment to service is there with both."

Team members like retired Army officer Paul Rudesheim bring years of leadership, training and skills to the TSYS team. Paul served both in the Army Reserve and on active duty as a military intelligence officer. Currently, as the director of International Services with TSYS, he uses his Spanish language skills every day, just as he did during his time as a soldier. But the comparisons don't end there.

"I see a lot of similarities between the military community and TSYS," he said. "The support and care for service members and families, and commitment to service is there with both."

In addition to mentorship from other prior service team members, TSYS' philosophy of supporting those who serve aided Paul's move from military to civilian life in 1994, when he transitioned from active duty to the Reserve.

"Because TSYS is so good about folks who serve in the Reserve and Guard, I was able to meet all of my military requirements while still working as a team member," he explained. "TSYS is very, very accommodating when it comes to the needs of those serving."

Team member Matt Szabo joined TSYS in 2013 after serving in the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment for seven years.

"Leaving the military to join TSYS and civilian life seemed like it would be a difficult transition, but with the help of current team members who are former military, and the support of my current team members, it has been a very easy transition," he said.

TSYS searches for the best. And often, the best is found in team members with military service.

"TSYS looked at my military experience with the utmost respect and understood the values I could bring to the company," Matt said. "I am very grateful that TSYS gave me the opportunity to work with such great people and grow in a whole new environment ─ and made me feel at home. I look forward to many more years with TSYS."

Quick Facts

  • TSYS received the Pro Patria Award in 2014
  • 845+ employers were nominated for the Pro Patria Award in Georgia this year
  • TSYS is one of just two companies honored in Georgia with the award
  • TSYS is one of 160 companies in the 100,000 Jobs Mission Coalition