TSYS Makes the Grade in Support for Schools

Helping students around the world succeed all year

When it comes to education, our values are more than just words. Of course, those speak volumes as well.

"It didn’t take long for us to say TSYS® wants to be part of this," said CEO Troy Woods in September. "We clearly see this as an investment not only in the children in our community but also in the future of our company."

He then paired those words with a $25,000 donation to a local school system to support a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) center.

In addition to this gift, as well as a recent $5 million donation to its hometown college Columbus State University, TSYS' commitment to education runs deep. Since 2008, the company has also funded the TSYS Future Scholars scholarship program, which provides grants to college students. In 2015 alone, the fund combined team member donations and corporate-level gifts to award 69 scholarships—totaling $100,000 – for children of team members.

Mentoring and volunteering

Team members also donate their time to build relationships and work with students on a more personal level. Tempe, Ariz., employees volunteer as mentors at a local school for homeless children. Team members also participate in community service outreach, like a recent project with a partner school in Phoenix where they cleaned, assembled shelving and organized a clubhouse for sixth-grade students.

"We clearly see this as an investment not only in the children in our community but also in the future of our company." Troy Woods

In the U.K., the TSYS team invests in students through volunteering time with reading programs at local schools and working with students to prepare them for life post-graduation. A group from the York office volunteers at local schools in Leeds providing career and job counseling. And a team in Knaresborough participates in the "Big Interview Day" program, which simulates formal interviews with professionals from leading business industries.

Alison Feriani has volunteered at Fishergate School in York for two years and believes she's making a real difference in the lives of students by helping them with reading and vocabulary. "It brings me great joy that I'm making a huge difference in helping the children at this school," she said. "Each week brings something different, and each term brings me a different child to help."

Providing supplies and skills

Throughout many of its offices around the world – Boise, Idaho; Austin, Texas; Tempe, Ariz., and Columbus, Ga., just to name a few – team members collect items like books, clothing, water and school supplies for children and families. In Pune, India, school supplies for underprivileged children were collected and donated items to orphanages in their community. Surpassing their own fundraising goal halfway through the campaign, team members in Nicosia, Cyprus, collected materials and uniforms for orphan children in their area to attend school. When students' basic needs are met, they can then direct their focus to enriching their lives through learning.

Making the grade

There are many ways to make wise investments in a community. From structured partnerships to informal donation drives, mentoring and more, TSYS team members are committed to donating their time and treasure to creating successful learning environments for children around the world – an undoubtedly wise investment.