A Culture of Innovation

TSYS sees big picture, invests in innovators of all ages

At TSYS®, innovation isn't merely the pursuit of the next great idea — it's a lifestyle. You say it's never been done — well what are you waiting for?

It's also a vital part of the company's history. For decades, TSYS has partnered with the state of Georgia and area colleges and universities, including Columbus State University (CSU) in Columbus, Ga., and other community organizations, to stay on top of the latest technology and help discover future pioneers.


Collaboration is key

Early collaboration and loan forgiveness programs like the TSYS Quick Start Programmer Training Program and Compass Programmer Training Program in the early 1990s led to The Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP) in 1996, and later the IT Education Program in 2013. All of these programs give TSYS a major stake in the future of education.

"One of the neatest experiences I've had coming to Columbus State from other universities is the availability of support from companies like TSYS," said Dr. Wayne Summers, chair of the TSYS School of Computer Science at CSU. "And probably the most exciting aspect of our relationship is the opportunity for internships and new employment for our students."

Partnering with CSU helped TSYS reach thousands of students, serving the multiple purposes of providing them with financial assistance and offering internship and employment opportunities, while also growing the technical expertise of many current and future TSYS team members.

"One of the neatest experiences I've had coming to Columbus State from other universities is the availability of support from companies like TSYS." Dr. Wayne Summers

CSU's School of Computer Science was renamed the TSYS School of Computer Science in 2002, further solidifying the strong partnership with the university. The company's investment has also funded numerous scholarships, faculty development initiatives, graduate assistantships, research projects, and even annual robotics competitions run by the university's Computer Science students.


Inspiring future innovators

Aside from company partnerships, there are individual team members who get involved on a personal level. TSYS team member Frank Braski is passionate about working with FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a national organization providing math, science and technology programs to inspire innovation in children from grades K-12 and their teachers.

"What I love about being involved with these competitions is that you get a group of kids with no preconceived ideas of what's possible… and they come up with these amazing ideas," Braski said.

He leads dozens of other team members who support FIRST programs and competitions. With an emphasis on teaching students to research problems, figure out solutions and work in teams, Braski said the competitions highlight the very things TSYS looks for in future team members, as well as the skills our society needs to thrive and prosper.

Another way TSYS is investing in future innovators is by sponsoring The TSYS Explorers, an extension of the Boy Scouts of America's® co-ed program at the high-school level. In 2013, the group built quad-copters, mobile app or Bluetooth-controlled robotic helicopters run with a mini-computer, and this year's group of high-schoolers will learn about coding as they build robotics kits.

"I want to prod high schoolers along in their pursuit of science and technology," said Jonas Billiot, TSYS Explorers director. Billiot, who went through the ICAPP program in 2001 and now works at TSYS, knows first-hand about the importance of TSYS' involvement in the future of innovation.

"There aren't a lot of companies that do what TSYS does in terms of investing in kids this way," he said. "It's an investment in the future and it just makes sense."

TSYS Timeline of Innovation Partnership

  • 1990-1994
    Early collaboration and loan forgiveness programs to train programmers

  • 1996-2003
    ICAPP (Intellectual Capital Partnership Program)

  • 2002
    CSU designates TSYS School of Computer Science

  • 2013
    IT Education Program

  • NOW
    TSYS co-sponsors robot competitions

    TSYS sponsors TSYS Explorers

    TSYS funds scholarships, research and more