Money Matters: TSYS Supports Financial Literacy Around the World

Learning to spend and save in daily life

Starting studies at a university or making your way into the workplace is an exciting time in a young person's life. But it's not without stress. After all, parents aren't there to give advice on spending money. Students often have to decide whether to pay their phone bill or go out with friends. And many ask if they really need that cup of coffee?

The TSYS team in York, England, saw this transition as an opportunity to help young people learn a valuable lesson in financial literacy. The end result? A new program called Money Matters.

"..the buzz and informal feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you all so much for investing in our Post-18 week and making financial awareness engaging, interactive and really useful. This really is outstanding community service."
Clair Foden, Director of Sixth Form, King James School

TSYS team members from the York and Knaresborough (England) offices created an hour-long money management workshop targeted at 16- and 17-year-old students. The fun and informative workshops were presented to three local schools, with overwhelming positive feedback.

The interactive workshops focused on concepts, such as spending and saving, interest, borrowing and security. The educational opportunities took place through a budgeting board game designed and produced by the TSYS team. Students are divided into teams with the aim of finishing each month with a credit balance – and there are prizes for those who succeed.

Not only did the team get requests to return to past schools but it's also heard from teams in India and Cyprus to develop a version for their local school programs. And, best of all, the students leave realizing that maybe they don't need a haircut this week – it can probably wait.

Money matters. Financial literacy is the 2016 theme for the Heart of TSYS community project – and team members at TSYS offices across the globe will be helping children, teens and adults understand the importance of managing it well.

"The team from TSYS was fantastic. It is certainly a very worthwhile activity and an excellent way of highlighting financial awareness and security amongst young people"
Sarah Garnett, Harrogate Grammar, Sixth Form Student Advisor